About us

In the proximity of the airport location Hamburg we have been designing and producing equipment for the aviation industry for over 30 years.

Emerged from a historical forging company, nowadays we successfully connect the philosophy of the professional craftsmanship with the most modern means of construction and production. The quality of our products and our philosophy to be a permanent and reliable partner for our customers is what made us a worldwide successfully operating supplier for professional airport technology.

The core competencies of FRANKE-AeroTec are the production of Ground-Support-Equipment (GSE) as well as the conception and realization of special equipment. High quality and the orientation on the current requirements and individual desires of our customers are a given. We swiftly include technical innovations and modern materials in our planning and production process, with the result that our products are constantly being refined.

Whether it is structural steel engineering and mechanics, hydraulics or electronics, the team of FRANKE-AeroTec is always up-to-date in order to meet your requirements.


We have had a partnership with TEC Hünert GmbH since our company was founded. By relocating our location to Melbeck, we are able to intensify this partnership and develop it into a strategic cooperation. We use the resulting synergies and the respective strengths of the two companies consistently for our customers.