Engine transportation and Engine handling

For the transport and handling of aircraft engines we offer various engine maintenance tools. Our Service-Tools for the transport of engines range from engine transportation carts to the remote-controllable engine transport unit with omnidirectional drive and water brakes. The engines are safely secured in every case by engine-specific “engine cradles”. Handling slings and pedestals top off the portfolio for efficient handling of engines.

Picture: Engine transportation stand

transportation stand 

  • Transportation and storage
  • of CF6-80, JT9/PW4000,
  • CFM56, V2500-engines
Picture: Engine transportation stand TP400

transportation stand TP400

  • Transportation and storage
  • of TP400-engines
Picture: Engine transportation stand BR725

transportation stand BR725

  • Transportation and storage
  • of BR725-engines
Picture: Handling sling

Handling Sling

  • Engine transportation
  • CFM56 und V2500
Picture: Engine pedestals


  • Adapter for CFM56 and V2500
  • Exact positioning by means
  • of 3 ball transfer units
Picture: Engine Transport units, Macanum

Transport units

  • Omni-directional movement
  • for exact positioning
  • Remote controlled