Maintenance stairs and maintenance platforms

Our mobile maintenance stairs and maintenance platforms are specially designed for work on aircraft and have been used in many countries on the apron and in the hall area for over 35 years. Our current maintenance stairs and platforms comply with the applicable standard DIN EN 12312-8: 2018. Significant innovations are a lower stair inclination, non-slip treads (R13) and the self-closing passage barrier on the platform.

Use our experience if you have special requirements for a maintenance stair.
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Overview: Which maintenance stairs and platforms for which application?

Standard stairsMSS
Extendible maintenance stairsMST
Height-adjustable maintenance stairsMSA
Wheel well platformsWP-A320 /-A350 /-B767
Special stairs and otherse.g. A380 production line

Standard maintenance stairs MSS

NameStepsPlatform height
MSS-1.26-A61.26 m
MSS-1.47-A/B71.47 m
MSS-1.68-A/B81.68 m
MSS-1.89-A/B/C91.89 m
MSS-2.10-A/B/C102.10 m
MSS-2.31-A/B/C112.31 m
MSS-2.52-A/B/C122.52 m
MSS-2.73-A/B/C132.73 m
MSS-2.94-A/B/C142.94 m
MSS-3.15-A/B/C153.15 m
MSS-3.36-A/B/C163.36 m
MSS-3.57-A/B/C173.57 m
MSS-3.78-A/B/C18*3.78 m
MSS-3.99-A/B/C19*3.99 m
MSS-4.20 -A/B/C20*4.20 m
MSS-4.41 -A/B/C21*4.41 m
MSS-4.62 -A/B/C22*4.62 m
MSS-4.83 -A/B/C23*4.83 m
MSS-5.04 -A/B/C24*5.04 m
MSS-5.25 -A/B/C25*5.25 m
MSS-5.46-A/B/C26*5.46 m

* from 18 steps with intermediate platform

Platform A: 1.245 x 1.090 mm (l x b)
Platform B: 1.645 x 1.090 mm (l x b)
Platform C: 2.045 x 1.090 mm (l x b)
Picture: Maintenance stair MSS

Maintenance stairs MSS

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • 2 swiveling railings
  • Colouring acc. to customers specs.
  • Chassis for towing operation (25km)

Extendible maintenance stairs: MST-10/6 und MST-17/9

NameStepsPlatform height
MST-10/610/62.350-3.400 mm
MST-17/917/93.820-5.500 mm
Picture: Extendible maintenance stairs MST

Maintenance stairs MST

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Mechanical height locking
  • Colouring acc. to customers specs.

Height-adjustable maintenance stairs: MSA

NameStepsPlatform height
MSA-4.12121.790-2.560 mm
MSA-4.17172.490-3.610 mm
MSA-4.18182.630-3.820 mm
MSA-4.24243.470-5.080 mm
Picture: Height-adjustable aircraft maintenance stairs MSA

Maintenance stairs MSA

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Mechanical height locking
  • Colouring acc. to customers specs.
  • Operation up to wind speed of 40kn

Wheel well platforms

NameStepsPlatform height
WP-A320F61.300 mm (unten 250)
WP-A350F71.510 mm (unten 250)
WP-B767F81.680 mm
Picture: Wheel well platforms WP-xxxxW/W

Wheel well platforms WP

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • Available for A/C: A320-Serie, B757 or B767
  • Staircase railing lowerable
  • Hot-dipped galvanized

Special stairs and others

Picture: Special stairs/Maintenance platforms

Maintenance platforms

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • Custom built by customers specs.
Picture: Aircraft Special stair A380

Production line

  • DIN EN 12312-8:2018
  • Intended for various tasks at A380
  • Designed for indoor operation